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Woman buys neighbor's freezer, finds neighbor's mother inside

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Body in yard-sale freezer freaks out N.C. woman. But then she recognized the foot.

By Yanan Wang June 2
Woman who found body parts in freezer: 'My heart was in my throat'

A woman in Goldsboro, N.C., found a body in a deep freezer she bought from her neighbor. She was told to wait for a church to pick up items left in the freezer, but when the church never came, "I decided to open it," the unidentified woman said. The seller has left town, and the body parts were sent to authorities to identify. (Reuters)

When the Goldsboro, N.C., resident spotted the freezer at her neighbors yard sale last month, she thought she was getting a good deal. The neighbor was charging $30 for a deep freezer with a hinged lid the kind of freezer large enough for someone to climb inside.
But the neighbor said there was a caveat, she recalled to WNCN. She couldnt start using the freezer immediately because the neighbor had promised to lend it out to her churchs Sunday school class for a time capsule project.
The woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous, says her neighbor told her the church would come to pick up the items inside the freezer, which was sealed shut with duct tape. Afterwards, the buyer was supposed to get the freezer back.
So the woman waited.
Three weeks passed; the church members never came.
Nothing was adding up, so I started to become suspicious about it, the woman told WRAL.
She was keeping the freezer plugged in in the corner of a spare bedroom, alongside houseplants, an armchair, a vacuum cleaner and spare toiletries. Last Friday, she peeled off the duct tape and looked inside.
The first things the woman saw were a green sheet and a bag of kitty litter, she told WTVD.
Then, her eyes landed on a human foot.
I saw toes and a foot and ankle, the woman said. She slammed the freezer shut.
It must be fake, she thought to herself, opening the lid again.
This time, she was sure it was real.
  She ran out of the house and called 911.
The Goldsboro Police Department said in a on Wednesday that an autopsy confirmed the freezer indeed contained human remains.
The medical examiner determined that there were no signs of foul play and her death was natural. The police are investigating. Concealing the death of a person is a felony, and disposal of bodies is controlled by state hygiene and environmental laws.
The woman told WNCN that her neighbors elderly mother had lived with her, but she hadnt seen her since September, when the mother had a stroke.
The mother had interacted with the woman when she was sick, she told WTVD: I recognized the foot. It was her mothers foot.
Other neighbors said the freezer seller has since moved to West Virginia, where she told people she was visiting her mother at a nursing home.
I think maybe the daughter was dependent on the mothers check and didnt know what else to do, the woman told WRAL.
Speaking to WTVD, she said: Im glad that I was the one who was chosen to be able to find her mother so that that poor woman can rest.





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