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Update: vent about the Marshal's office

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A few weeks ago, I mentioned I had a neighbor at a rental house with junk cars, a dishwasher, trash and even an oven in the yard, but in order to get the Marshal to look at it, you had to go to a web site, download a form and fill it out, be willing to appear in court and blah blah blah.... I even emailed the board of commissioners venting about this red tape regarding complaints. The moonbat crazy woman who lived there would even stand in her driveway and shout at cars going by. Yikes. talk about druggies.


The good news is the riff raff has now been evicted by the landlord. Apparently the white trash who was living there became such a nuisance that neighbors and the police contacted the landlord and told them what had been going on. (the police have been there many times over the last 4 months) and the landlord got fed up.

This week, I spoke to the landlord and he said when they moved out they had stolen his stove and even dug up a peach tree and took it with them. The place is so nasty on the inside he's disgusted.











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The guy who lived in a camper on one of my neighbors front lawns was finally evicted. He kept showing up at my next door neighbor's house unannounced and the lady who lives there felt uncomfortable about it and told her police officer brother about him. The people on our street were scared to call the Marshall's office because the guy renting out the camper on his front lawn is an ex-con. Of course, the hideous camper is still on the front lawn, it's just unoccupied.

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