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Need Help - Lost Dog - Mill Pointe/South Davis Mill

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Our cocker spaniel, Cooper, got out last night. Usually, he comes back pretty quick. He didn't last night.


He's a 4 year old all black cocker spaniel with a summer puppy cut - so he doesn't look like a regular cocker spaniel. He has on a black and red collar with his tags - rabies and our name/phone number and a red harness. He was last seen about 9:30 pm last night on the entrance road to Mill Pointe. He's very friendly to women and children. He can be standoffish to men, but he's never shown any aggression.


If you see him, please send me a message on here and I'll come get him. He's definitely a part of the family, and he's missed.


Being an all black dog, I don't have any good pictures of him. But, once I get a couple I do have off my phone, I'll post them.



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Please contact the animal shelter = 770-445-1511

Let them know of his missing so if someone calls in to see if missing, they will know. dogs lose collars a lot.

Ask them about sending in a picture if you have some as well. They have a facebook page too where you can post to, ask them about that too.


I'll let friends in that area know about him missing and keeping an eye out for you.


Hope you find him soon!

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Thanks. Just waiting on the pictures to upload from the phone. I will contact the shelter. We got him from the Douglas Shelter - he somehow made it from Newton County to Douglas county all the while losting about 15lbs (he was 14 lbs when we got him). There were a couple of large parties in our neighborhood last night so I'm hoping that he is just socializing still and will be headed home soon. :)!

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