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Cobb County Superior Court Judge Caught Colluding with Asst. DAs On Video?

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Is a clear pattern of collusion by a judge, racketeering? If Judge Green doesn't take criminal matters seriously enough to avoid the appearance of impropriety, what do you think his attitude is in civil matters? Should Judge Green be voted out of office on May 24th, the subject of a criminal investigation or both?




They also asked Green to recuse from a second case, citing the new videos and asserting that "Green appears to be engaged in a pattern of communicating ex parte with the state and harbors a bias against criminal defendants in general."

Green, who is locked in a re-election campaign with Marietta lawyer and associate municipal Judge Nathan Wade, was not available. His campaign chairman, H. Scott Gregory Jr. of Marietta's Gregory Doyle Calhoun & Rogers, said, "it would be inappropriate for Judge Green to comment on the merits of any pending motion or the facts at issue. I think it is clear that the timing of this and other actions underscores that this criminal defense attorney has a political agenda. I am confident this matter will be appropriately addressed in the court of law. I can state without reservation that Judge Green has a strong reputation as a fair and respected judge in Cobb County."

Cobb District Attorney Vic Reynolds released a statement concerning the recusal motions on Wednesday: "I believe these motions contain half-truths and statements taken out of context and are not relevant to the cases at issue. The best course of action is to examine these allegations and all of the facts in open court—not in the media. I am confident that, once a judge hears the whole truth, he or she will agree that no wrongdoing has occurred."

In several segments of the Feb. 4 courtroom recording, Green is heard discussing pending criminal cases with Cobb County prosecutors, apparently without the defendants or their lawyers present.
One recording shows Green discussing the case of Wesley Gayton, who was facing charges of racketeering and exploitation. Neither he nor his attorney, Marietta solo Cindy Yeager, were present when Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney John Melvin presented Green with a motion to depose a material witness and alleged victim.

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