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New Grocer in South Cobb near the hospital

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Save A Lot has opened a store near the corner of Austell Road and East West Connector. And mailed out a flyer. Its just East of the Hospital.


Sirloin Steak for $3.95....[Kroer was $7.00 this week] and one that caught my eye......frozen boneless chicken leg quarters for $0.29 a pound.


Go check and see what you spend for a 25 pound bag of good dog food.....its closer to $0.50 to $0.75 a pound.


I am rearranging the freezers and plan to get 50-60 pounds.


I will thaw 10-20 pounds at a time, salt pepper and some herbs and spice….bake them in a big roasting pan, then stew them with some mirapoix and herbs....and let them cool. Pull the meat off the bone and add those bones and my frozen chicken bone scraps from the freezer, bring to a boil, and let simmer over night and can the stock.


The meat we can use for Enchiladas, Soup, Chicken Salad, Tacos, Taco Soup, Breakfast Biscuits or rolls, and the list goes on.


You are talking about $1 a serving for dinner for adults. Not a bad deal at all.


Y’all enjoy now…..


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Just about 3/4 miles further down Austell Road going towards South Cobb the new International Farmer's Market is about to open up. This will be HUGE!!!!

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