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Vent about the Marshal's Office

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My neighbors 3 doors down burned a bunch of plastic in their front yard several weeks ago. Their yard looks like crap and they still have Christmas and Valentines Day lights up. Yes, that's right I said Valentine's Day lights. They turn them off during the day and turn them back on at night. We also have a guy on our street living in a camper in someones front yard. It irks me beyond belief. We plan on selling your house within the next year and these people aren't going to be helping.

I found out this week that the guy living in the camper on my neighbors lawn is renting it. All this time I thought he must be a relative or something, but no. I guess the home owner just feels like he has the right to rent out the camper on his lawn. It looks great right next to the two cars and boat he has had for sale for a few years now. Ugh. I'm thinking about setting up some tents in my front yard and renting them out just to supplement our income a little.


The good news is, my other neighbors finally decided to turn off their Christmas and Valentine's Day lights.

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