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FYI--The red octagon means STOP!

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I was in the Kroger parking lot on Ridge Rd this evening, turning into one of the parking lanes, when the kid coming from the other way went right through the stop sign. I blew my horn otherwise he would have hit rear door. He stopped then threw his hands up at me. YOU have the stop sign? Another place I see the stop sign ignored is on 92 going into Douglasville, the last side street right before you cross the train tracks. The cars coming from the right don't stop and it happens almost daily.


While on traffic issues, let me just say--TURN YOUR LIGHTS ON WHEN RAINING!


Thanks. I feel better. :)

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We were in the ingles parking lot on nebo/dallas-nebo road standing in the safety zone outside the entrance when a woman started to back up from the 2nd spot in her row. We thought she was going to go in one direction whe she swirled backwards into the safety zone,intending to go in a completely opposite direction, missing us by inches. She gave us a sorry wave.


Is there any place where at least one person won't go through a stop sign.

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It infuriates me to see people run the red light at Nebo and Bill Carruth. They are haulin' butt right through "after" the light turns green for Bill Carruth traffic. The red light on Nebo also means stop ! It's not a go very fast across BC.


A neighbor was hit there a couple weeks ago and is in really bad shape, she was hit by someone running the Nebo red light .


Now she can't work, can't help support her family and will have major medical issues for the rest of her life.

She is still in rehab and has no idea when she will be able to go home.

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