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Justice ? Land of the Free, Home of the Brave ?

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OK, another chapter in our legal battle with Paulding County comes to a close.


When we were evicted from our home of 30+ years after spending over half a million dollars with local attorneys fighting for our 1st Amendment Rights, we had Melissa's court date Tuesday for the lying deputies who accused her of trying to run over them when they tried to block her accessing the driveway to come to my rescue.


Note, I had been in and out of the hospital for months. I had reached an agreement with Bank of America, the mortgage holder, then went back in the hospital again. When i got out they said "No more" and started eviction.


The day the Sheriff's office showed up, [Oct.10, 2014] I was in bed, on Oxycodone after a bad night. Melissa was running errands. I texted her that the sheriffs were there to evict us and wanted to know where the guns were.

[Note here for anyone not familiar with Oxycodone.....it is a hallucenagenic and opium based pain killer.....your head does not work properly while taking].


When she came home she drove her truck in beside the house through some maple trees where we were planning to make a new driveway swing-by to drop off at the center of the front porch.


A smart alec deputy jumped out at her in the truck, then when she came up on the front porch accused her of trying to run over him.


#1 - Melissa is one of the best drivers I know. From a Forklift or bobcat to a car to a truck. If she wanted to run over someone, they would be flattened no matter what. This guy was just running his mouth.


#2 They then got into it on the front porch when she told him she was going into the house to get my meds, as I needed them and the deputy who had me at gunpoint would not let me fetch them.

She was told she was never going in that house again, and they then arrested her.

2 6' tall officers grab her hands, handcuff her hands behind her back, lift them up and drag her up the hill to their patrol car even though there were 3 or 4 more patrol cars they had to pass on the way. Gulledge sent like 6-7 cars of deputies to evict a 64 year old grandmother and a 62 year old invalid trying to recover from joint replacement surgery.


The deputy made a snide comment about this is what happens to people to choose to defy Paulding County Government, referring to the lawsuits we had pending against the county for stealing our road frontage property and giving it to one of their developer campaign donor buddies, Mickey Womble.


I was impotent from doing much of anything. I was doped up and unable to walk. Thanks Gary, I will remember this down the road, as will your maker, if you even believe in one. What you did to us was WRONG, no matter how you cut and dice it. WRONG.


So they charged Melissa with all kinds of stuff, and after 15 months of BS, we went to court yesterday with our public defender who recommended we take the pretrial intervention [like Paulette Rakestraw Braddock did with her Felony assault charges], pay the fine, with money we don't have, and go on.


Beyond the fine, it cost me 7 days of lost work.


We live in Cobb now so the going on is at least a little easier.


But I am now seriously ashamed to call myself an American. My rights have been stolen, trampled on, pushed to the side, and made irrelevant. We will work now to getting back on our feet, if I can get my health back, earn what we need, and move away. Probably to France, .....that is the free-est country I know of today.


The USA is now a matter of how much justice you can purchase, cash on the barrell-head, no questions asked.


I am ashamed of Osborne, Drew Lane and Dick Donavan.


More than ashamed of Osborne as a Judge, not to mention Vinson who stepped away from our case, and Toni Beavers who knowinly let us get eaten up by the cash and carry judicial system we now promote in Paulding.


Our mistake ? "We stood up for our 1st Amendment Right to defend ourselves and our property" and we spent everything we had worked for, 40+ years of working for it, only to have to sit by and watch the county outspend us 5 to 1, and kick us down to the curb.


Do you have 1st Amendment rights to seek a protest against government ? No. Only if you have a $Million or more tucked away in a bank account to piss away with attorneys.


Do you have constitutional rights to stand up against a corrupt and broken judicial system ? No. Again, not unless you have the personal funding to pay to fight them.


Would I do it again ?


Jerry Shearin, David Austin, and all your corrupt buddies........Yes , I would pay to fight you again, simply because it is and was the right thing to do. You may win every time, but you win by cheating and default, not because you are better or right, or anything else.


And the fact that I choose to fight you shows everyone involved that there are those of us who will stand up and fight for what is right is what it really is all about. You are a bunch of chicken sheeze cowards who hide behind your elected office and bottomless checkbook.


God will get even with you and right the wrongs before this is all over.

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If anyone had any doubts about whether this was a vendeta against this family, then the case against Melissa should remove those doubts.


Given the situation at the time, eviction from a family home, it really takes a stretch to file charges for trying to run over an officer.

Also, saying that she "attacked" an officer is totally BS.

Anyone who has met her knows that she isn't exactly built like a female wrestler, not to mention that she is a lady.


Am I the only one that thinks that if these same things happened the same way with the Jones or Smith family instead of the Morrison family, there would not have been any charges filed?


If there was anyone who may have heard that deputy say that about "this is what happens to people to choose to defy Paulding County Government" and didn't come forward to say so in support of the Morrisons, then shame on you.

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There are people, working for that county, who knows things. Some of them know that court transcripts don't mean jack cheeze, once they get doctored to reword court testimony. If they didn't doctor the court transcripts after some of them blabs, and purger themselves, there would be a record. But, their record stays clean.

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If you don't mind my asking, how much is her fine? Maybe Paulding.com could set up an account to help out like we have before?

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If you don't mind my asking, how much is her fine? Maybe Paulding.com could set up an account to help out like we have before?

$300, like 7 days missed work, plus our time trying to run down anyone to speak on our behalf.


We know the deputies were sitting there cracking jokes about, "See, this is what happens to people to choose to defy or stand up against the county government". Its too bad Judge Toni Beavers did not get to hear that.


he awarded us a Judgement for $269,000 which the county got over turned in the appellate court. And the reason it was overturned oprovided by the appelate court was a total lie.


But that does not matter now. They, Jerry Shearin and all his builder buddy pals, and other local politicians told us when we entered suit how they would break us because our pockets were not neep enough to fight them.


They took all our savings, everything our kids were to get including part of the college education fund, and kept taking more and more until they got our house too,


Oh, Chris Singleton, the Fannie Mae real estate agent who made us go through hell and back to get our family mosaic off the wall in the house after the eviction told the lawyers that yes Melissa tried to run over the deputy.


If she wanted to run over the deputy, I can guarrantee you he would no longer be with us. He jumped at her in the truck when she cut into the maple trees to get as close to the front porch as possible. He was never in any danger and he knows that. Tony Henderson, the deputy Melissa supposedly tried to run over will have to make his lies right with God at some point, and he will find out pay back and Karma can be hell. And I hope his ass fries.


Lying cops are a bad, bad thing.


After my 89 days in the hospital from May to August, Social Security is basically our only income. And I will have to pay a lawyer to help me get disability, that my doctor says is total BS. He classifies me now as totally disabled,


But I am up and still going at them as long as I can move from point A to point B.

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I am so very sorry that yet another fine family has been stomped down by this corrupt county.

You will find happiness else where, just as we had to.

They are now taking advantage of my 86 year old Mother. I have too many horror stories from Paulding County.

We can always hope it will change.

I have many generations of roots here.


Thad, I hope you know you and your family have touched many people here. We do care, and wish we could have done something to make it better.

I wish you peace, my friend.

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If anyone wants to make a documentary about corruption and injustice, here's your story.

But you would have to label it as fiction. No one would believe that it is the truth as it stands.


Our biggest hurt is that we believed and had faith in our judicial system. That OUR system was the best in the world. The most fair, the most honest, the best.


But its not. It is totally corrupted, with the winner being the side with the most money to buy the lawyers, regardless of who is, or was, right or wrong.


We spent all we had, all we could borrow, trade, negotiate for, and/or get our hands on, KNOWING that because we were right, honest, and telling the truth we would win.


And sadly that is just not true.


Its exactly as THEIR lawyer said, when he sashayed up to the podium and stated as a matter of fact, ....."Anyone wishing to defend their first amendment rights in court should have half a million dollars sitting in the bank to pay the lawyers; Otherwise they would have no chance of winning anything. Right or wrong......without the money, you cannot win, or even stay in the game.


So we spent all we had. All we could borrow. All we could get.


And it was not enough, because Commission chairman Shearin and commission chairman Austin could always get more money than we could, and that is what it came down to. Who could spend the most.


So don't look at the other political systems around the planet as being so bad. Ours is as bad as they come. Who ever can spend the most wins.


Period, and subject closed.

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