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Can an insurance company do a surprise inspection

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My insurance company came onto my property without any acknowledgement from me or permission

and came into my back yard by opening my 61/2voot privacy fence and took pictures. Can I press trespassing charges?

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I would expect them to announce themselves if you were home, (unless they *like* being shot at) but since they are responsible for the property, (and esp liability) I wouldn't be surprised to find out that smoke is right and the paperwork gives them that right somewhere for inspections.


Read the fine print on your bank account agreement sometimes if you really want to freak out.

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Happened to me twice. Once a new insurance company I hired forced me to trim some trees they said was too close to the house another new insurance company sent a guy that tried to dispute I had 30 year roof shingles. I trimmed the tree, the other guy obviously didn't know what an 30 year architectural shingle was.

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