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Hey Rockmart Peeps!

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I don't live there, but about all I'll say is that a least it ain't Cedartown. :D Also, don't speed through Aragon.


The girl child is looking to buy.

After talking with Mark and his mortgage lady, she's going for it.

She's in a great place financial and at 25 is ready!

Rockmart/Aragon is her target area as its on her way to work, without being in Floyd County, and still close to family in Dallas.

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Morgan Valley/Antioch is nice area. Collard Valley is a nice area. Knox Mountain nice. Fish Creek area is nice. Avoid City Limits of Rockmart or Aragon. Prospect Road is an exception to that rule. As mei lan said if the speed limit in Aragon says 35 do not drive 36. Hope this helps.

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My adult children live out there. The housing is much more affordable for young couples to get a start at owning a home.

They have not had too many issues with crime or anything else negative.

They like shopping in the small towns such as Rockmart and Cedertown.

They are just a few miles off of 278 so they have no traffic issues getting to their jobs in Cartersville, Dallas, Marietta, and even Rome. They never complain about traffic.

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Please do not deter good buyers from southern trace/sunset mountain, we need good people buying, not selling. Rockmart is decent out towards fish creek, up Vinson mountain towards Paulding county, and back towards the big cattle ranches.

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As others have said, Barney Fife will write you a ticket in Aragon. 35 means 35, not 36. That seems to be his sole mission in life.

On a state highway you have to go 11 miles over the limit to get a ticket,unless the officer is GSP. In GSP cases you CAN get a ticket for 1 mile over. If you go through Aragon on the state highway at 11 mph or more over the limit,you should get a ticket and not whine about it. If they are writing illegal tickets put it on tv,marbe the I-Team.

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