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Adult Cousin who signed over his house for the wrong reason now wants to back out. Really?

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I've mentioned my cousin some time ago. He lives on the other side of greater Atlanta in a good neighborhood. He has had some sort of un-diagnosed condition (asbergers, etc.) since he was a child, in the days where your parents kept it in the closet.


His Mom passed away a few years ago, so he is on his own. Before she did, Social Services tried to get me appointed as her guardian, because he wasn't doing a great job, but his lawyer knew how to get it dismissed, didn't bring Mom & Son to court.


His Mom set him up in a towing business for used car dealers who often didn't pay him or underpaid him, which was ok with him, because they were his friends.


Recently, some guy who cuts down trees took him in as an assistant, never said if he's paying him or not. He made some bad decisions when his Mom died, so he's pretty much in debt. Doesn't pay real estate taxes until they come to his door.I suggest that he take half in advance, but no. Calls me for money occasionally and I send him a small amount to keep him from calling for a while. He is friends with several politicians in his area, congressman, mayor, etc., so they tend to leave him alone, but now the condition of his home and yard is bringing the code folks around. He thinks his councilman, etc. will fix the problem.


Much more, but I'll get to the current situation.The tree man paid the taxes for which he pressed him into signing over the deed to his home. The tree man lives in a rental home nearby and wants to move into his house and fix it up. The tree man has two trailers and wants him to move into one. Yesterday he told him he must move out by tomorrow so he could start renovations. There isn't a trailer on the property yet and he doesn't know if code will allow it. The tree man suggested he move into his rental for a while.


So, my cousin called tot ell me this a couple of days ago and thought he might have made a bad decision and wants to reverse it, which he thinks can be done. Wanted to know if I knew a Rela Estate Lawyer he could hire? I don't and told him he would someone other than a Real Estate Lawyer, someone who could litigate on his behalf. Suggested Legal Aide, but he doesn't want to go to a free lawyer, because they won't do anything. Told him most paid lawyers would give him a free consultation. Pretty much turned that down too.


Told him a while back, he really should have sold the house and moved into a one room apartment or condo, Hose is still in him Mom's name, if that matters. Have seen docs online that suggest the transfer is going through.


I think his mental state could be used to cancel this, but he doesn't believe he's incompetent and, as a cousin, not much I can do.


So, that's enough for now. Comments are welcome, but at least I got to vent.

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House is still in mom's name so probate not done? If so, how can he sign over something not in his name? Yeah, this is a doozy, but I remember your discussion of him from awhile back. Perhaps a lawyer in his area?

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this may seem underhanded but it may be you can fight fire with fire.


I imagine that guy figures that you might could cause him trouble. Ally his fears by visiting with him and telling him that you know what he is up to and you could make trouble but you and your cuz really aren't close and he did you wrong before ... so you're willing to over look this guys plunder of your cousins property ...


Oh and there may be a few things ... bla, bla bla. You are acting but it is important that the guy think you have little regard for your cousin ... that you think it is really the natural scheme of things for people to take advantage of others.


Now the trick is you are recording this conversation and while you might sound like you're conspiring with the fellow, the plain fact is that you are just doing what many police do - lie - in order to get the guy to speak candidly. You know act like you don't like your cousin and think it a joke that he's being ripped off.


If you elicit the right stuff; you'll get the guy showing his pride over his 'conquest' ...


Then take that to the lawyer.



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