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Desperate Housewives: Masterful depiction of #ParentalAlienation

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This is a masterful depiction of #ParentalAlienation by a good friend, Joe Barrow, using an episode of Desperate Housewives. This is how a parent gets into the minds of children. It's difficult to prove, especially when a judge suffers from a severe case of confirmation bias mixed with plain stupidity and a dash of corruption. Judges who in no way protect children don't need to be on the bench.


It's even worse when parent hides behind a child and says everything is the child's decision which is true to parentification and adultification tactics (when you empower a child to make adult decisions). Not to mention if there are sibling relationships that are being obstructed.


The worst part is this is a "watered down" Hollywood depiction. In reality there is often no reconciliation or reunification.


If an ex walked into the other parent's home unannounced as is done on the tv show, a judge would be issuing a protective order the next day due to false allegations of threats and abuse. I've seen it happen in Paulding County courts first hand on far lesser accusations.


Most judges don't care that this is happening to children because the conflict creates motions and that makes money for lawyers who in turn hold campaign fundraisers and make campaign contributions for judges' re-election.


-Gil Freeman



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