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The Clerk of the Superior Court of Columbia County called out a Judge for attempting to hold her in contempt for not following an improper order. The judge emailed the order to her and it was rejected as spam so she never received it. Regardless of this the Order was still improper.


Judges in Georgia have simply run amok, abuse discretion, abuse process and abuse power. There is no way to put it but they are finally getting push back since the JQC is toothless.



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Stand up, speak out, and talk back, in any event.


The people's court can be made private, by illegal authority.




Story is gaining a little traction on the judge trying to order the clerk to change filing protocol to bury filed documents. If the JQC isn't going to do it's job citizens are choosing to empower themselves to raise awareness and lay the ground work for corrective actions.



The Contempt of Court charge alleges that Mason ignored numerous emails regarding filing techniques regarding the Shannon Baskin case.


However, in her affidavit , she claims that her IT department confirms those emails ended up in her SPAM folder.


Mason also claims Judge Roper would check out original files relating to cases assigned to him and then keep them for months at a time.


She also alleges Roper wouldn't send documents to the Clerk of Court for recording in a timely manner, which violates the Open Records Act.


In section 15, Mason also claims that she believes Judge Roper has a "personal interest" in the Baskin case.


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