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Ex-Brunswick Chief Judge Indicted for Violating Oath of Office

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Clearly corruption runs rampant through Georgia's judiciary. For all those that are caught, what of those that are not caught? When judges so frequently run in elections unopposed, judge's should absolutely have term limits.

In 2011, the state Judicial Qualifications Commission filed ethics charges against Chief Judge Amanda Williams, accusing her of "willful misconduct" and "tyrannical partiality." The JQC cited claims of the judge doing judicial favors for friends and family members, conducting ex parte meetings with litigants and lawyers and ordering others locked up for little or no reason.
In one case, Williams was accused of jailing Lindsey Dills, a young drug court participant, for an indefinite term. The woman ultimately spent 5½ years in Williams' drug court, including more than a year in jail for cashing two forged checks totaling $100 on her father's checking account, according to the JQC.



The violation of oath of office count of the indictment said that, by making a false statement to the JQC, Williams had breached her judicial oath to "perform all duties incumbent on her as a judge of the Superior Courts" in violation of the law.



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