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Old Dallas Masonic Lodge Minutes might be in your attic or basement

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Dallas Masonic Lodge No. 182 right here in Dallas, GA faces this same problem. The only Minutes we have begin in 1924, when the Lodge, opposite the old Courthouse, burned. The Lodge was chartered in 1853.


From existing documents, we have reason to believe that at least some of the Lodge Minutes prior to 1908 were not in the Lodge when it burned. It is possible that they are sitting in a box in someone's home, forgotten. When you have a moment, won't you please check in some of those old boxes or cabinets that you have stored away in your basement or attic, or in the back of some closet, to see if perhaps these Minutes are there, waiting to be found?


We only want the information the Minutes would provide. The actual physical documents would certainly stay with the owner if they so desired. We are in the process of digitizing our records, and so we would only need access to the Minutes for a short period of time in order to scan them.


Please help us locate these lost Minutes. They contain absolutely nothing that is secret - mostly the names of those in attendance at meetings, the recording of bills paid, list of officers, etc. But they would contain a wealth of historical information about the early days of our Lodge that would be valuable to us.


We can be reached via our website, www.dallasmasoniclodge182.org, or emailed directly at webmasterdallas182@gmail.com.


Thank you.


Phil Pearce

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