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NC woman plants dead bug to get free meal

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Gross to think about this - I try my best to avoid restaurants for many reasons.



GASTONIA, N.C. -- Police say a woman was charged after she put a dead cricket on her plate at a Gastonia restaurant so she could get her meal for free.


The incident happened Wednesday at an Applebee's on East Franklin Boulevard in Gastonia. Investigators say Shantanya Beasley told an employee at the restaurant that a dead bug was on her food.


The employee told Beasley she would not have to pay the $70.25 for her meal because of the bug. However, when Beasley left the restaurant she allegedly left behind her wallet which had several dead crickets inside.


A manager called police and Beasley was arrested for obtaining property by false pretense. She was released from jail on a $2,500 bond.


- Police: Woman Arrested After Putting Dead Cricket On Food To Get Free Meal From Gastonia Restaurant

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If she keeps that up she'll get free meals and rent free living arrangements.

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If she deals with corporate, yes. If she deals with an average Joe, no


Litigation is expensive.

I was alluding to criminal prosecution for thievery. But I guess that is expensive in it's own right if it costs you your freedom. :)

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