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The "court reporter over-billing problem" is a troubling situation throughout is found to have occurred throughout Georgia. Not only has it occurred in Cherokee County but it has occurred in other counties as well. Gwinnett is most likely next up. Many of us are making great strides in judicial and law reform but we need others that have been impacted to help by coming forward and not being afraid. When is enough, enough? No stone is being left unturned.



If you have had a court hearing either civil or criminal in Troop, Carollton or Coweta County since 1998 and Nan Freedman was your court reporter (stenographer, person who talks into the device and types every word spoken in the courtroom from the very beginning to the moment the hearing is completely over, types it into a document so you have record of the hearing, that YOU or our county PAID FOR IT) PLEASE CONTACT US, we would like to add you to our list of others who are coming forward. Check your paid for transcripts formulated by her company. She states ( in her video taped deposition given by our attorney a month ago. I was present during her deposition) "by "MISTAKE" she has over charged" everyone in both civil and county lawsuits. Also check to see if your transcripts you paid for or the county paid for (tax payers money) are accurate or have been changed from the true account of your hearing. An account of the judges statements and behavior emotionally and/or legally. Evidence of this will be posted to this page in support of this post and statement made in a few days. We also have in that evidence where she told Judge Baldwin and the District Attorney that she had done this. They legally are bound to REPORT such behavior to the authorities and the BOARD OF COURT REPORTERS, like the Judge did in Cherokee County with his court reporters and their illegal behavior. Nether the judge or the District Attorney did... In fact here is a letter from Judge Baldwin asking Millard to Please Not Sue Nan Freeman. This is very stressful for her and she cant afford a law suit. (not like that isn't the case for Jack,Thomas and me, compassion?) Also because Nan Freeman sent her bill to us for her court reporting on our hearings to Millard's law office address in Fulton County we filed the law suit there. In hope of a non bias trail. Oddly enough it was just moved to Judge Baldwins jurisdiction.




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