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Two more parents stand up to guardian ad litem and judges abusing the system.

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Parents are refusing to be bullied and intimidated by judges, lawyers and agents of the court and are speaking out against racketeering and collusion. When one person stands up for what's right it helps others do the same. If you are experiencing troubling problems of any kind in family court by judges and lawyers who enable such tactics as alienation, collusion, profiteering and racketeering on the backs of children, the time to stand up is now. You can send an anonymous email with the name of any lawyer, agent or officer of the court that you think should be investigated to connect@alienationischildabuse.org. You can also sign the petition.

When asked by The Augus­ta Chronicle about the billing complaints, Kendrick said she would not comment without an attorney present.
Lingefelt said Kendrick’s billing practices are unacceptable in a court program that judges use to help guide child custody, visitation and financial support decisions.
“They’re not held accountable to anyone,” Lingefelt said. “No one oversees their books.”
A review of 5,460 domestic-relations cases in Rich­mond and Columbia counties by The Chronicle found that guardian finances are not audited and rarely scrutinized by civil Superior Court judges.


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