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Are you ok with troubled and even some flat out kangaroo courts going unchallenged? With recent riots whether protesting perceived injustices perpetrated by law enforcement or your favorite sports team's championship, freedom of expression should be safe, orderly and effective. One way for this to occur is to get involved because you live in Georgia. "The first step toward change is awareness, the second is acceptance." Ignoring or dismissing a problem won't make it go away. History reveals it will make abuses and subsequent responses grow exponentially.


Please sign this petition for FBI involvement and read the article below on "hidden influences and special relationships"

In many cases this leads to children and good parents being damaged. It often leads to parties who are dishonest, unhealthy, unstable and even violent / abusive, being enabled and rewarded for using foul play tactics. This includes parents who are being abusive to children. This includes parents who are committing financial fraud, and so on. The misconduct being hidden from the record and perpetuated against unsuspecting parties runs the full spectrum, as if no one should be held accountable, and anything goes. The data is showing that laws are not even close to being upheld, and legal concepts like fiduciary duty or ethics rules mean absolutely nothing.

So when we use the terms “hidden influence” and “special relationships,” you know what we mean. Nothing good comes from this. Except for the judges receiving the financial contributions, and the attorneys and custody experts profiting from being able to manipulate the outcomes of these cases… Now we know this is going on, and we can show that it is virtually impossible to hold them accountable, so at least the public can have fair warning?

What we ask you to consider is, “Are we OK with this going on unchallenged?”


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