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Connecticut uses court bills, arrest to retaliate against politically active parents

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If one parent is just a bitter parent who just didn't get their way, why punish parents for speaking out? Why put gag orders on these parents if judges and lawyers are doing the right thing? Why target activist parents? If you have nothing to hide, these "sour grape parents" will only make you look good, right? Or may be these judges and lawyers are racketeering and they're just chickencheeze of the possibility the public will find out and hold them accountable?

I do not trust words...
I even question actions...
I never doubt patterns of professional misconduct

It's public record. All you need do is look into the court filings.


By September 2014, former Chief Family Court Administrative Judge Lynda Munro who founded the CT AFCC and the troubled GAL training program with the professionals who appeared before her voluntarily retired from the bench, while co-founders Judge Gerard Adelman and Judge Holly Abery-Wetstone were shuffled to different courts for reasons not disclosed by the Judicial Branch.

With GAL stimulus packages now off the table in many family court cases, are these displaced professionals misusing their publicly funded family court connections to collect debts and exact undue hardships on the families that double-crossed them?

Read more at http://www.commdiginews.com/world-news/the-americas/connecticut-uses-judicial-bills-arrest-to-retaliate-against-politically-active-parents-30399/#GIdDrTWb5Z0AWVFP.99


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