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U.S. to seek prison time for former Traffic Court judges

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Far too frequently judges believe they are above the law. These are traffic court judges but it is no different in family/superior court. The judiciary is just as corrupt as any other branch of gov't. Probably even more so...



"For a judge to give preferential treatment to certain litigants because of their social and political connections turns the system on its head," Wolf wrote. "For that judge then to cover up his wrongdoing by lying in another judicial proceeding is unconscionable."

And the bad behavior didn't stop once they were charged, she said. Among new allegations Wolf lodged in the filings:

Tynes, 71, continued to communicate with one of the chief witnesses against her against court orders, texting the woman throughout her trial in an attempt to influence her testimony. The FBI has also investigated separate allegations that Tynes defrauded the estate of a dead relative, altering documents to withdraw tens of thousands of dollars, Wolf said.

Singletary, 33, flashed his Traffic Court badge in an attempt to get out of a traffic citation in Cheltenham this year, despite being under indictment at the time and suspended from the bench.

Lowry, 58, heckled government lawyers at the end of his trial, asking when they were going to prosecute the FBI case agent for his "lies."

Defense attorneys for the judges chalked up those new accusations to sour grapes from the prosecutors, who lost the bulk of their case at trial, and said they should not have any bearing on the sentences their clients receive. Most of the lawyers said they will seek terms of probation for their clients.

Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/news/local/20141129_Feds_recommend_prison_time_for_former_Phila__Traffic_Court_judges.html#XjAwzFmOL1Jx5Lx3.99





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