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My Advocate Center is one of the better advocacy groups we work with locally and nationally. If you have or know of a "troubled" family law case here in Paulding, Cobb or elsewhere in Georgia, you can contact them or PM me. Family law is a private matter, however, if we don't bring troubled cases into the court of public opinion abuse of the system by so called "legal professionals" will continue under cover of secrecy and darkness.




Have you experienced something in Family Court that did not make any sense?

Is your family in worse shape after litigation, or after dealings with certain professionals involved in Family Law matters?

Are you a professional experiencing challenges with cases or with other professionals, but do not see help coming from the legal community?


These are all good reasons to submit case details for our review. Research is key to turning the tables on practices that “make no sense” and steal health, stability and support from children and parents. The better job we do in reporting, the more likely it is that families will receive help from authorities as they are able to comprehend what is being done to innocent people in plain view, while calling it “legal” or “child custody” matters. http://myadvocatecenter.com/contact-us/report-cases/


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