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Does this look like a dad who deserves to be set up to fail and cut off from his children? Do these kids look like they don't need him?

Please show up for Brandon and these four young kids who want their father back!

Father Joseph "Brandon" McCarthy has been kept away from his young children who are in need of his protection and nurturing care.

He was set up to fail in the legal process and jailed for not being able to meet child support requirements that the court professionals knew were unreasonably high and impossible for him to provide. This is wrong and it is happening to many parents, both fathers and mothers.

Please show your support in person and online, whatever you can do.

The grandmother of these young children has been fighting this battle for him on the outside of the Cobb detention center, and she needs your support as well.

How do you go from winning smiles like these to being unable to spend time with your kids?

‪See What is going on in family court rooms in Georgia. #‎ReviewCases‬ like this one and help give kids and parents what they need!

Courtroom Observers needed, Wed at 9:00am at the Cobb County Superior Court - more details to follow.

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