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Happy Birthday Pubby

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Are you 70, yet?


Edited to say, you are 64. I just looked. I know how you feel. Not really, but I know some of it.


I've got some news for ya, though, in regard to the next 6 years. And, you know how negative I am. :give_rose:

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I'm jealous, low! You don't love me no mo!


Pubby might be just 64, but I'm still as hug-able as he is! :wub:


I can't help it if I'm closer to walking dead. :drinks:



I sent you some balloons Eddie, and you'll always be Walking Tall to me!! Have a good one :wub:

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I was busy 'interviewing' Paulding Patti - Patti Smith - for a redux of the Pat and Patti show.


Yep, we talked about the race for Post 2 and she noted how bad she beat me and I threatened to kick her under the table 'cause it was my birthday.


Anyway, since the first notices I saw were on facebook and when I looked, just before noon, not here ... I was feeling a bit down ... like yeah, not saying Happy Birthday to me on Pcom but doing so on Facebook has just got to make my day (not that I don't appreciate all the well wishes but ...)


Oh well ... thanks everyone for the well wishes on Pcom and elsewhere and it has been a good day. Even got a call from my brother.



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