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Help Wanted With Local Masonic History

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Fellow Citizens,

Dallas Masonic Lodge No. 182, F&AM, located in downtown Dallas across from the "old" Courthouse, is in the process of collecting information about the history of our Lodge, and we earnestly solicit your assistance. Our Lodge was founded in 1853, and has met continuously since then. Unfortunately, many of the older minutes are missing, and so there are large gaps in the history of the Lodge.

We are especially interested in:

- any information, recollections, Dallas New Era or other newspaper clippings, photographs, or remembrances in regards to the fire in the early morning of July 27, 1924 that effectively destroyed the Lodge. We have searched for copies of the Dallas New Era dated immediately after the fire, but have not been able to find a copy or clipping dated the following week. We have checked at the Paulding County Probate Court, UGA Digital Archives, UGA Library, and the Paulding County Genealogical Society and the Paulding County Historical Society, both of which have been extremely helpful - (thank you Mrs. Willbanks, Mrs. Strack, Mr. Willingham and others) but those editions of the DNE immediately following the fire are missing from their collections. We are almost certain that there would have been photos and a write-up about the fire.

- any information about where the Lodge met between the time it was chartered in 1853 until it began meeting in the courtroom of the "old old" Courthouse (which burned in July, 1924) in 1892.

- any information about where the Lodge met during the time between the destruction of the Lodge in July, 1924 until the new structure (where we now meet) was built in 1925.

- any information about any existing minutes of the Lodge. The minutes that we have begin on July 26, 1924, the night before the fire. ANY minutes or fragments of minutes prior to that time would be so very helpful to us in reconstructing the history of our Lodge.

- any old photographs that contain an image of the Lodge.

- any information or suggestions as to where the Lodge met prior to 1892.

- anything else related to the history of the Lodge. Every little bit will help. While we do have a few photographs of the lodge, and some other valuable information, mostly gathered from Judge W.A. Foster's wonderful book entitled Paulding County: Its People and Places, there is still much that is missing. Recollections can be very valuable also.

In addition, we have some slight evidence that the minutes prior to 1904 may not have burned. There is the faint hope and possibility that somewhere, in someone's attic or basement, those minutes still exist.

We are not so much interested in obtaining the actual documents as we are in the information contained therein, which would give us the ability to point to a source (newspaper article, letter, etc.) for purposes of documentation.

Anyone providing new information will either be recognized for bringing the information to light, or, if so desired, remain completely anonymous. Again, it is not the document we are interested in as much as the information in the document.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you if you can provide additional information as outlined above about the history of our Lodge.

Phil Pearce


Dallas Masonic Lodge No. 182

Dallas, GA




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I know Springville has been around many, many years. They may have something, even though they are in Powder Springs. And the Hiram lodge may be helpful if not with the information but pointing you in the right direction. Many of the families who had members in either Dallas, Powder Springs or Hiram were related.


What a wonderful project you're doing. :give_rose:

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