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help with olllddd furnace

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trying to help a friend that endured last winter with no heat and all summer with no air - we had a HVAC person go out to look at it - and his diagnosis was dismal...it is old, rusted out and not worth repairing - she is waiting on disability to be approved and is dependent on her children. They are very much below the poverty line. My question is - is there assistance to replace her unit - any kind of government grants - I feel if it was replaced they can pay the utility bills, but cant get funding to purchase a new, more efficient unit -


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Sometimes I have access to used furnaces that there is nothing wrong with. If you can find out a few details about the old one, I'll see what I can do.



Horizontal or Vertical (Meaning does it stand upright or lay down?)

Natural or propane?

Width and height would be helpful


PM me if you get this and I'll see what I can find.

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her house is on a crawl space that is about 1 1/2 feet - cant imagine how they got it under there ! It is laying on just plastic - it is (or was) propane - she couldnt afford to get the gas so she has put in electric appliances - according to the HVAC guy, having the gas would not have helped because the unit wont work - the outside unit is freeon - and the hose has a visible hole - he said it is very expensive to put the freeon in it - he gave her a quote, and it is not ridiculous - I just know she doesnt have a way to have it done - The repair man suggested calling Greystone to see if they have any programs - I just want to help find her or direct her to some help -

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