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It is not fear ... it is what you fear that divides us

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As this documentary presented in the months before Edward Snowden made his revelations, the erosion of privacy in today's was in part based on the desire for security above all else.  The problem is that bipartisanism actually does exist when it comes to building the surveillance society.  I've watched this and given that one of the key guests is a Cato Institute fellow, you can rest assured that it is not some so-called liberal diatribe ... nor is it a conservative tome.  Rather it is as the host maintains, what is next after what is next ... or an explanation of the trajectory we are on.



Published on Feb 17, 2013

The digital technologies that so delight us also have a dark side. On this Episode of Inventing the Future with Robert Tercek, the topic of discussion is the future of surveillance technologies. Whether it be the government, big business, organized crime, or even your next door neighbor, chances are you're being tracked and analyzed.

Joining Robert Tercek in asking whether or not privacy is dead are BT Managed Security Solutions' Chief Security Technology Officer, Bruce Schneier and Research Fellow at The Cato Institute, Julian Sanchez.

Inventing the Future is a live news program featuring coming trends that will shape society. In today's world, success means knowing "What's Next After What's Next?" Lead by Robert Tercek, Inventing the Future offers insight into the future of the world after tomorrow.

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There is an audio glitch from 12:49-12:55 and we have added a subtitle for it. Thank you for helping us fix it. Bruce's words were: "..it's a huge growth industry. I mean, if you think about arms races, they're fueled by two things. They're field by fear and ignorance, and we've got them both here."


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