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:yahoo: After months and months of countless (I can't count them all) applications with no call backs, he finally has a job at Walmart!!


I didn't want to jinx it and say anything but today he went to his orientation. His interview was last week and he starts Monday. His first and second week has 28 hours scheduled each week and because he gets out at 2:30 this coming school year, he will get a credit for working!!


Being a senior is expensive and now he can help!! :rofl:



:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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Thank you!


The girls have been knocking for some time but you know, he is a fine young man and he don't go for all that drama and weaves and 2" fingernails and all that makeup and trying to be what you're not. And I think he will always be like that. I've gone through one broken heart with him. Hopefully not too many more to go through. But boy, I tell him to be careful with all those girls out there


And he's going to enjoy his job! I'm just so excited for him.

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Congratulations. I know many put WalMart down but our family thinks highly of WalMart. I have WalMart stock in my portfolio and depend on it's dividends for my income.

We started buying WalMart stock years ago based on my Mother-In-Law's recommendation. She worked most of her adult life in a sewing hall making shirts, working herself up to a supervisor. The company was sold several times till someone bought them and moved the equipment to India or China or somewhere else overseas.

She went to work at a new WalMart that was just opening just down the street from her home unloading trucks on third shift. She loved that job. She worked up to training new employees unloading trucks. She refused many moves within the store because she loved her job and shift. She always got good raises based on her dependability and attitude. For 13 years see bought the maximum WalMart stock they would allow her to make. When she finally retired, she retired a wealthy lady. My Father-In-Law worked the same shift once he retired as a long distance truck driver. WalMart always let my in laws work the same shift so they could ride together and take vacations together. My father-in-law and mother-in-law finally totally retired on the same day. When he passed last November their local WalMart honored him well.

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What a sweet story. You know any job is what you make it and Walmart is my to go place. I said a long time ago, as much as I spend there, I should have some stock.......maybe I'll check into that.


On a side note, my grandson has two cousins on his father's side that have been there for years and years and will retire from there. They love their job.

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