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The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make On Their Insurance Coverage

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If you are new and learning about insurance coverage or you’ve been a Georgia homeowner for years, have business experience in the insurance industry, and a family insurance plan; no matter how knowledgeable you may be everyone can make mistakes.

The very reason insurance exists is for mistakes, but we want to be sure you are not making any mistakes when it comes to getting great insurance coverage.

#5 – Not Updating Your Insurance Coverage

Life changes quickly and it may seem as though you are constantly busy. We understand that, but when there is a status change of your family, there are new things that need to be protected. A status change can be:

  • Purchase of a New Home/Apartment
  • Birth/Adoption of a member of the Family
  • Marriage of a couple

There are some things in life that when they happen, we think of how it effects our insurance coverage, but often there are circumstances we forget change our coverage needs. Don’t wait to add the coverage, learn to recognize changing needs early! With many factors that influence insurance premiums, along with additional insurance coverage you need to stay aware of existing discounts and reductions you can qualify for!

#4 – Not Knowing What Is Excluded In Your Insurance Policy

Understanding your policy can help you be fully covered in areas of need and potential save to receive the cheapest insurance coverage available for you. In your policy you may be paying for coverage you don’t need, or missing out on coverage that is very important to you. There are common exclusions to consider, but the only way to know your coverage is to review your own policy

A difference in working with an independent insurance agency and a major insurance carrier directly, is the tailored insurance coverage. Rather than a generic coverage type, you receive a policy based on your unique needs. Because our insurance agency believes in having a relationship with our clients we are able to learn and understand our clients unique needs.

#3 – Not Shopping Around For Good Insurance

We understand in a busy life, convenience is important. We think taking care of what is important to you, may be worth more than 15 minutes but a good assessment of your needs.

Our Georgia insurance company is able to constantly quote your policy to not only provide you with the best coverage immediately, but if your coverage needs change we can switch your coverage to the best insurance carrier for your changing needs. With Southern States Insurance you will find you have a policy tailored to your needs and has been shopped from most all of today’s insurance carriers.

#2 – Dropping Insurance Coverage To Save Money

Insurance during times that are financially tough can seem like an unnecessary expense, especially life and homeowners insurance policies, but don’t be deceived. Do not view your insurance coverage as a waste of money, but as a financial investment and financial protection. With out coverage if anything were to go wrong, the cost of “repairing your home” or the “medical emergency” is on you. If money is tight insurance is something that is valuable.

Talk to your insurance agent about ways to alter your coverage or receive a discount, there are often ways to make a policy more affordable. Dropping your coverage is a bad idea.

#1 – Finding The Most Basic Insurance Coverage

Insurance is to help you when the unexpected accidents in life become realities. Whether your auto insurance or life insurance policy, agreeing to the basic coverage still leaves a great amount of burden on you. The reality then becomes you’ve paid for insurance coverage that doesn’t cover your needs when an accident occurs. There are certain ways to lower the cost of your insurance but there are coverages you do not want to be with out, like a large enough amount of uninsured motorist or medical coverage.

Now You Know And You Won’t Make These Mistakes!

We believe the best insurance agency we can be is done by providing good insurance and good resources to you. We want you to succeed in all that you do and we will be there to help when something goes wrong. It is our job to meet your needs for insurance coverage, and we would love to start a relationship with you.


Call for a quote today 678-715-9513 or wherbick@southernstatesinsurance.com

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Who loves Flo?

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Awesome. Glad to have you aboard. I know your CSR will take great care of you!!!

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