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La Cocina Mexican Restaurant (Food Service Inspections)
View inspections:
December 14, 2012 Score: 99, Grade: A
June 19, 2013 Score: 85, Grade: B
March 13, 2014 Score: 42, Grade: U
March 17, 2014 Score: 91, Grade: A
October 29, 2013 Score: 95, Grade: A



Everyone has a bad day. I forgive them. I can not live without this palce lol

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The food S-U-C-K-S! The fact that they were busted for being nasty just magnifies the fact that they are the suckiest Mexican restaurant I have ever tried. Evidently if you have patrons that don't know the difference you can feed them slop.

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They are all Tex-Mex, and to me, none are as good as the Old El Jalapeno when Luis Gomez ran it, and Alfredo cooked.


Daughter was the hostess for 3-4 years whilst in High School, at the old downtown Hiram location and then the newer one behind the RiteWay.


Son was a bus boy for 3-4 years whilst in High School as well. Both were Bilingual and fit right in. When son would be in Mexico during the summer going to his immersion Spanish school there, and we would eat at El Jalapeno, all the staff would be coming by wanting to know when Cuartro was returning as they missed him. He turned the tables fast, and the wait staff appreciated that.


His birth nickname was IV, as in our names, where I am the III and he was IV. Since our names, Thad, begin with the TH dipdong, the Latins have a hard time pronouncing it as they do not have a TH in the language unless the T is the end of one syllable, and the H is the beginning of the next. So Luis suggested calling him Cuatro, and it stuck for the staff there.


He used to have a line on weekend nights going around the corner, and the place was packed. But that was with 4-5 Tex Mex places in the county. After the flood came, they just lost too much market share. Alfredo in the kitchen would fix us special stuff when we came at 10:40- or so on the weekends to pick up son who had to stay to clean all the restrooms etc after they closed. He would fix us stuff not on the menu that was just wonderful, wonderful food.


And the Patron was not bad either.!!!

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