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Hiram Police upgrade their in-car video to system with wireless connectivity

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Here's an interesting release from the city of Hiram's Robby Rockovitz. Sounds like we may see some better video in the future!





For Immediate Release


Hiram Police Chooses Watchguard Video In-Car System


Hiram, Georgia – March 18, 2014 - Hiram Police are now better equipped with the latest In-Car Video technology from Texas-based WatchGuard Video. The recent purchase of the 4RE HD system brings High Definition video with smooth, wireless uploading capability providing officer accountability, along with improved agency efficiency.


WatchGuard Video is the world’s largest manufacturer of in-car video systems, supplying in-car video and wearable video solutions to nearly a third of all U.S. Law Enforcement agencies. The company’s in-car video products are engineered, manufactured, sold and serviced from WatchGuard’s 68,000 square foot, high-tech facility located in Allen, Texas.


The 720P HD provides incredible clarity, and records in the highest compression available on the market keeping file sizes small. The multiple resolution recording is patented technology that records in both high definition and standard definition at the same time, and keeps only the version required by department policy, further reducing storage requirements. The “Record After the Fact” feature enables the department to retrieve video from the 4RE system up to 60 hours after an event occurred. Lastly, the system features automatic, wireless video uploads.


Jason Stuczynski, VP Sales WatchGuard Video, states “We are pleased to serve Hiram Police Department with video solutions that improve officer safety and help cut down the time spent on administrative management of video evidence. We work diligently at WatchGuard to serve agencies of every size, including Sheriffs, Metro PDs and over 20 State Patrols.” “We are looking forward to acquiring a video system that will not only add a technological layer of safety to our officers, but also serve to greatly enhance the performance of their duties,” continued Chief VandeZande.


“With a motion by Councilmember Carter, seconded by Councilmember Philyaw, we are very pleased to have received the unanimous support from the Council for another invaluable and fiscally responsible use of your SPLOST dollars,” commented city manager Robbie Rokovitz.




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