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How have you changed?

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I was just thinking about all of the changes on Paulding.com over the years. So many have come and gone, changed names, etc.


I must be one of the most boring posters because I still have the same name and avatar as I started with many years ago!!!!


How have you changed since joining P.com?

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In think I have learned more patience and I have learned how to go ahead and type a post, then delete it and either change it or not post.

(ok, the wife would disagree with the 1st part and a lot of you would disagree with the last part, but have parts have truth in them)

Same name.

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same name, same avatar,moved to different location in paulding ,with this the cell phone along with police scanner strength is almost non-existent .





We really miss you!

Is there any chance that the fiber optic cable was run near your residence?


I love my Uverse internet and cable.

The speed is great, the channels are great.

I love recording shows and movies with it.'

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Until I got on p.com I felt a bit like an outsider.

We had our circle of friends and acquaintances but found it difficult to identify with people like ourselves.

We were somewhat like natives that loved the county, we were from small towns and communities so we had no thoughts of changing the community to fit us.

We wanted to serve the community and make it better if at all possible.


I found people with like minds on P.com and have made some dear and lifelong friends here.


Going home to our hometowns feels like a visit rather than home now.


This is home to our children, we will be buried here and our grandchildren will grow up here.

For me Paulding.com was the final chapter to being truly connected to this wonderful community and the people here.


One of the best things was the end to many hurtful rumors in the community about people we cared about. More often than not Paulding.com gets down to the truth on many things.

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I've always had the same name, but the avatar has changed from time to time. I saw the "escape key" pic and thought that it suited "eym_sirius" because of the break-out spirit of nonconformity. I've made some great friends, including LPPT, but I rarely get to see her or any of them anymore. It's a comfort to come back here and see that some things are still the same.

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I've been on P.com for a good while now....Have met some interesting characters and wonderful people...


Witnessed quite a few arguments and disagreements. Seen more of people helping each other out.


Of course, I met the illustrious LPPT a few years ago....and.....Got Corrupted!!


Carry on!!

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