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My car was broke into at

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Mrs. B, did you ever have your baby? Because, well, I remember you being pregnant and putting up that avatar. And it sure has been up a very long time. :rofl:

:lol: Yes, two and a half years ago! Lol I've been so busy ever since I haven't had time to change my avatar. LOL


Maybe she's crafting another one :ninja:




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A few cars on my road were broken into last thursday,( near downtown hiram ) including my sisters car. Luckily all she had in there were bibles and christian cd's. I guess they didn't want those lol. I'm soooo thankful they didn't get into my locked car because my dumb a** had my debit card, my gps, my ipod, and cash in my console. Visible. I've definitely taken everything of value out since then. Of all the cars broken into the only thing stolen was a lottery ticket. Then the next day a young man was walking down the rd with a stack of tickets in his back pocket. (This man walks around here often but does not live on our rd ) then saw him again about 8 pm two nights ago walked around the rd turned around at the end walked down the side road then back to the main rd and disappeared. I wish the police would do something about this maybe even got a fingerprint or something but they came out took information and left.

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That's how sad this country is getting, now we got crooks breaking into cars so they can steal, nothing.

How stupid of a criminal do you have to be to break into a car, for nothing.


Reminds me of the guys I went to school with that were going to rob the bank at the corner of Bells Ferry Rd and Hwy 92 back in the late 70's.

Wasn't much up there at the time but that bank and a C-store that sold beer and fishing bait.

They went up one Friday night and loaded the back of the bank, where the vault was, with explosives and set them off.

Blew the whole bank sky high.

Wasn't nothing left but a pile of rubble.

Nothing that is except for the vault, sitting among the rubble, sealed tight as a drum.

Funniest looking thing you ever saw, all those bricks and rubble and that vault just standing there pretty as you please.

Yeh, they got caught.

Hmmm, they could be out of prison by now.....and breaking into cars, for nothing.


:blink: :wacko:

I've heard about this. I understand they were caught in the trailer park directly behind the bank. :blink:

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