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Local Raw Honey For Allergies?

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For those of you who use local honey for allergies, where do you buy it? Is it available at any local stores?


I sometimes put a teaspoon of honey in herbal tea. Does that work for allergies or is it better to take it another way?


Please tell about your experiences.


Does anyone know how the local bee population is doing?


I'm interested in Wholistic health.

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Friday afternoon farmers market at 92 and 120 did have local honey.


The theory is by ingesting honey made from local pollen your body will have a natural resistance to pollen allergies from the local pollen.


Problem is bees can be particular about where and which flowers they visit, and often will not necessarily to to the ragweeds, pine trees, etc. for collecting pollen from the more noxious varieties we humans tend to have issues with.


Our local bee population is still down. Primarily from loss of habitat and flowering fauna they require. 50 years ago a good part of Paulding was crop producing or forage producing farmland with pleny of native wild hardwoods to harbor bee colonies.


Much of our old growth hardwoods have been cut. We lost the top 75 feet of an ancient oak up hill from the garden last summer. The tree split and broke in half on a hollowed out knot that had a GIANT behive. We could see the lack of bees last year and this year. Many of our veggies were being pollinated by moths and butterflies instead. Even the corn.


I can remember before when we had an acre or so of corn in our old big open tilled garden below the house in a nieghbors old fenced pasture. When you walked the corn while it was silking in the morning the drone of the bees hard at work doing their thing was almost deafening. Now its quiet.


We have some great spots in our little 3 acre oasis to locate beehives is there are any out there interested. I am too allergic, not to mention wary or scared of messing with them. One spot is the hill from our corn patch, which we plan to double the size of next year to half an acre.


I also will trade soup stocks, canned garden veggies, bee traps, etc. for local honey. I am on my last jar.

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