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Rodney’s Ribeye Steak…..the best in town!

To get the best finished product you have to start out with the best! So I buy only Buck Head Beef Choice Black Angus Ribeye Loin. These loins are wet aged for 45 to 60 days. This method intensifies the natural flavor of the steak and, at the same time, acts as a natural tenderizer. We then hand cut our steaks daily!


The cooking method is hot, hot, hot on a char grill. The intense heat sears in all the natural flavor plus we add a little seasoning concoction I created to it while it’s cooking. Now the fun starts….Once it’s cooked to the proper temperature it’s topped with a scoop of Garlic Butter and placed in the heat window to rest. While it’s resting the garlic butter melts all over the steak, so by the time you receive it sometimes you won’t even see the butter.


I put a Rodney’s Ribeye up against anybody’s steak; that’s how confident I am! And by the way we’ve got new reduced Steak Prices so check it out for yourself.






USDA Choice black angus ribeye chargrilled and seasoned with Rodney’s secret steak seasoning and topped with garlic butter. Served with your choice of two sides and Texas Toast. Try it Blackened!


10 oz $13.99 | 16 oz $15.99

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