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weight loss surgery?

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Anyone had one of them in the last couple of years? Would you tell me all about it. I'm looking into it. Thanks!



I have not had surgery (although, I know it sounds bad, but I wish I was big enough to have it). It would be sooo much easier to lose this weight. But my cousin started me on this other stuff.....LOTS CHEAPER than the weight loss programs advertised. I started on Zija. Google it. It's actually a nutrition drink. Now, I JUST started it on Saturday, July 6. But I've lost 4 lbs so far. Probably alot of water weight, but I'll take it!


The theory is that by drinking the Zija plant, you nourish your body with all of the nutrients it needs. Your body has what it needs so it doesn't "want" the junk food. You don't stop eating the way you're eating. Example, I will still have pizza on friday night with my husband. But you take one tablet per day 1/2 hour to an hour prior to your dinner. That's all. It cost me $148 for one month supply of drink mix, cleansing tea, and tablets. My cousin told me to not use the cleansing tea every day so next month's order will not include the cleansing tea so it will be an even lower cost.


I've done Quick Weightloss (hundreds of dollars), Weight watchers (big money), Richard Simmons' deal a meal, NutriSystem ($350 every two weeks) and more. This one makes me FEEL good. Right out of the gate!


I get that you want to do something that makes you feel good. I get that you are probably at your wit's end so you want to do the surgery. But this is surgery that is major. It's serious. And there could be complications. Think hard on it. Get lots of information on it. Talk to people who have had the surgery. Ask your doctor if there are patients who would be willing to speak with you about it.


I'm not going to push Zija on you because I'm just starting it and I am still holding my breath so to speak.


I just worry for you. So, be cautious. Good luck!!

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I had gastric bypass in 2003. I lost 220lbs. In the past 10 years, I've had a baby, and gained back about 30 lbs that I can't get off now. Although I'm no where close to what I used to weigh, I'm (semi) ok with the added 30. Personally, it was literally a life saver and I would totally do it again. It is a HUGE adjustment mentally, physically, and nutritionally. All in all, I have no regrets! If you have any other questions, fell free to ask!

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To me... Surgery is a huge risk.. My friends sister died at 42 after complications last month in Atlanta from a routine surgery. Yes.. pleanty of people have had it done, and are fine. I guess I am spooked because of her situation. I do feel there are other routes.. I am trying one myself. It's called GC Control, ( a protein shake from a health/wellness company called Melaleuca.) I can't tell you my results yet, because I am starting this month when I order! :) But basically, it helps to control your blood sugar.. therefore helping cut cravings. Also helps you with that sugar crash I usually get in the afternoon when I can barely hold my eyes open!! I am excited to try it... If you want more info, pm me! :)


But good luck in whatever you decide!!

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following weigt loss surgery, do patients follow special 'diets', like the ones mentioned above?


I've had weight loss surgery.

I had the vertical sleeve 2 years ago. I've lost 135 pounds. My diet is 1200 calories, give or take a day - with moderate or more exercising. I walk approximately 3-5 miles a day.


Losing the weight isn't the hard part with WLS. Re-teaching yourself out to live afterwards is the catch.


Not for sissies looking for a quick fix.



Surgery is a risk - an unknown variable.

Having an unhealthy lifestyle is a guarantee of bad things to come.


my opinion, of course.

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