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Wanna Play The Lottery with US?

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$10.00 to PLAY and Deadline is 12 NOON on Friday May 17th

The Next Drawing is FRiday May 17th at 11 PM :yahoo:


No Checks or PayPal :pardon:


Everyone is Welcome to Play :wub:


As a Reminder... My Office is over by East Paulding Drive and Hwy 92 ;)

Brightway Insurance

65 Antioch Road Suite C

Dallas Georgia 30157


You may Drop off your $10.00 24 hours a day. :drinks:

WE have envelopes outside and a drop slot.

(make sure you put your screen name and phone number on the envelope)


Once You Pay I'll Turn You "RED" :good:



1. Pubby

2. Caped

3. hawkeyedangel

4 Johnboy

5. Victoria

6. starzplace

7. Braves Dave


9. nroc

10. allihearisblahblahblah

11. Stumpy

12. Gotcha Lookin Good



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thought that was Friday?


Where again?

It is, just didn't want you to forget. Pick up at PCHS. 8AM to 6PM.


If anyone missed the pre-sell there will be some that you can walk up, and buy.

Sorry for the hijack CC.

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We WON $25.00 Dollars!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:


I bought 12 Power Ball Tickets

Pubby will post shortly :good:


You can thank me for the $25 win.

I started to play but never got my money in.

Your welcome.


(I am a lotto jinx)

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