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Jeremey Penn zooms 244,262 places on IMDB rating this week

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While I feel a lot like Rodney Dangerfield - I get no respect - I did note that a former associate of pcom aka: rabblerouser, aka: Jeremey Pennock now Jeremey Penn is zooming in the ratings on the Internet Movie Database's star meter. (click on the 'see rank' button on this page)


While still little more than a glimmer, the lad who used to do the pcom news now sports the title 'principal actor' and 'executive producer' for a tv show I understand to be in the process of doing a pilot. That and some bit parts in some series; the fact that he's now in AFRTRA-SAG and has an agent, puts him closer to a position to live the dream. (He was a beach lookie-loo on NCIS last year.)


Here is one of the video's I helped produce for him last year in the PCom studio.



Personally, I think the kid has talent and I wish him the best.



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