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Tuesday Night Dinner Thread is Lasagna for us

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Homemade Lasagna, from home ground beef. Top Round and Ribeye. Ricotta, Cottage, and Mozarella. Fresh oregano, parsley, and MrsSurepip's other "Secret Ingredients".



Fresh baked Baguettes, and a Salad with pepperocini, salami, boiled egg, sweet onion, grape tomatoes, parmesian, artichokes and homemade croutons.


What y'all having?


Bon Apetite' drinks.gif

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If I can gather enough will to leave my house and go to the liquor store, we will be having whiskey bbq sliders and fries. If not, we will be having meatloaf and mashed potatoes.





We are having Pdub Sloppy Joes.

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I will be visiting each of your houses,surpip will fill me up.:clapping:

Last night DH made homemade Chicken Alfreado over Vermicelli noodles. Sliced fresh tomatoes. Bake-At-Home Loaf French Loaf. YUMMMMMMM.


Dang I missed your Lasagna again. :(

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