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Ipad - Monitoring and Theft protection

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I'm not sure theft protection is the right words. But my cousins daughter is going on a church trip to florida in July and she is concerned it could get stolen. I know the simple answer, don't let her take it. That's not the one i want to hear :)


I know there is a software you can install on your computer so that if it gets stolen you can turn it on from your home computer and it turns the video on without notifying the thief and will take stills of the persons face. Does anyone know what it is?


Also, if she wants to randomly check to see what she's done on it, is there something she can install? Like a keylogger or something for ipads?

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I hear ya, and i agree with you. But since my daughter is only 5 thankfully i don't have to break her little heart yet. Lol.

She can download the find my ipad app, you can track it down from a different computer make sure she puts a password on it too. I have mine set so that if it has the wrong password typed 3 times it will lock down

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There is a LoJack software for laptops in case of theft, but I am not sure if there is a version for an Ipad. Check their homepage.

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