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Randy better get some help before he ends up in prison.





More Trouble For Randy Travis

By Wendy Geller


9 hours ago





Randy Travis just can't seem to stay out of trouble these days. Just a couple weeks after being arrested and cited for driving drunk, the 53-year-old country singer found himself on the wrong side of the law yet again--this time for fighting in a Texas church parking lot.



According to a breaking report from TMZ, police arrived to the church in response to a call about two men brawling outside. People spoke to Plano police officer David Tilley, who explained that the scuffle was reported around 10 p.m. Thursday night, and that Travis was fighting with his alleged girlfriend's estranged husband.


The spouses were reportedly arguing over a family issue. "Randy intervened and reportedly an assault took place," Tilley noted.


He added that no injuries were reported and that he had no reason to believe Travis was drunk. "It's nothing more than what we run into on a regular basis."


Travis was cited for simple assault, which is considered a minor misdemeanor on the level of a traffic offense. Plano is about an hour's drive from Travis's hometown of Tioga, Texas.


This marks the third time this year that Travis has been in trouble with police. His earlier arrest this month was marked by bizarre behavior--entering a convenience store stark naked to buy cigarettes--as well as crashing his car. In February, he was found drinking in a different church parking lot and cited for public intoxication. He claimed at that time that he was celebrating Super Bowl Sunday. There has been no comment yet from his camp on his latest issue.








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Give him a break.

He found something he was good at and like they say, if you're good at something keep doing it.

I know quite a few people that once they got arrested the first time, found they were good at it and they made a career out of it.

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Police in Frisco, TX found a smashed up truck belonging to Randy Travis early Saturday morning, but a lawyer for the troubled country star says Travis hasn't been in that vehicle for months.


The truck was found on its side in a field just one day after Travis was cited for assault outside a church in nearby Plano.


A lawyer for Travis told WFAA that Travis is not the one who left it there and that Travis had not been in that truck for the past few months.



Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2012/08/26/randy-travis-truck-crash/#ixzz24fMtnvmP

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This makes me sad :( I love his songs, and voice. His song "forever and ever amen" has been mine and my hubby songs since we got together 19 years ago. I hope Randy Travis gets help before it ends bad for him or for someone else :(

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