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A very special message from Rodney

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A special message from the Kitchen.


I got into the restaurant business because I love to cook. I wanted to establish a special place where folks could enjoy home cooked food in a family atmosphere. I take great pride in my food. I feel, honestly, it’s the best home cooking you can get, because it’s just that, “Home Cooking” fresh and seasoned to perfection.


I’m so confident about my home cooking, I want to give you an opportunity to try my food, and pay me what you think it’s worth…. No fees, no minimum... My family used to get together for a meal and everyone "pitched in" to pay for my cooking. Some relatives used to pay more if they loved the meal, and less if they didn't, and I want to offer you the same opportunity. This Thursday, May 17, 2012 from 11:30 until 1:30, or until we run out, I invite you to come try my meatloaf, served with Taters and Onions, Black Eyed Peas, and Texas Toast. At the end of the meal, your server will bring you a guest check, and you fill in the amount you wish to pay, add 7% tax and tip, and that's all you pay!


Now Tammy, Wayne, and my accountant thinks the kitchen heat has gotten to me, but I am so confident in my homemade meat loaf, I know you will love it. Just pay me what you think it’s worth. I honestly believe if you try my home cooked meals, you will see that home cooking is worth it, and on Thursday, you set the price.


I look forward to seeing you on this Special day. I’ll be the one smiling as you enjoy my food. And thank you. Thanks for allowing me to have the best job in the world… Cooking fresh homemade lunches for great folks like you. I’ll see ya Thursday for lunch!!!





Rob the accountant’s disclaimer (he made me do this): Rodney’s Pay what you feel it’s worth Thursday Lunch. Valid Thursday, May 17, 2012 from 11:30 am until 1:30 pm or until described meal loaf lunch special runs out. No minimum payment required. Pay what you feel is fair for the meal, add 7% for tax and add your tip, and that amount is what you pay. No additional fees or charges. Dine in only, no take outs. Maximum one lunch meal per dine in customer. Possible side effects include a full feeling, a big smile, and thanks from Rodney!!!

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I might need to make plans to visit there for lunch.


Do you use a gravy glaze or a ketchup glaze?


Ketchup :)


So wish you were still in Hiram!!!


I know where you live and it's NOT too far to drive to New Hope! HAHA!!


I would love to try your meatloaf, but I will be at work. I know you are a great cook, love your food. However, if I could come tomorrow I doubt I could afford what it is worth. I know it will be good. :)


Thank you :rolleyes:

Wish you could make it though.


That is an amazing deal, and I know you are worth every penny. I love Mr.

Rodney's cooking.



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