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Stop Smoking Commercial

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I don't know why your HTML was not working. When you reinserted it, it works now but I had to do some editing on this end. It should be working now. If you have trouble with videos in the future, let me know and I will see if I can restart it again.



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That is a very sad video. I am not a smoker, nor have I ever been a smoker; however, I understand it is a habit and it must be pretty hard to break.


I try not to judge because I have faults of my own. Smoking does however seem to have some pretty harmful side effects including premature aging, clogged arteries, respiratory issues, etc.


Its not just smoking though, anger issues can sometimes cause stress which can lead to heart attacks, etc., drinking can cause cirrhosis of the liver, etc., over-eating can lead to multiple problems, under-eating can lead to multiple problems, driving an automobile irresponsibly can cost you your own life as well as many innocent lives. I would say that pretty much covers just about 100% of us human beings at one time or another.

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It is a scary video, I smoke cigars, started when my wife of 25 years passed.


I started on purpose with a reason you might not understand.


Now I understand staying alive is a great thing.


I wish I had never started.

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That can happen to non-smokers too.




Now what do they do with all the taxes the collect from smokers? I loved it when Sonny noted that smokers taxes had dropped off quite a bit a few years ago and the state had to raise taxes to make up the shortage.


Plus she gets free medical care, with the taxes she has been paying according to the governor and why he raised taxes on smokers to help pay for their medical costs. Right?

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Britaini and I were discussing this commercial when we saw it last night. I actually disagree with the majority. I think it is unnecessary.


I started sneaking cigarettes out of my father's truck (in the 70's) because I knew they were dangerous and I wanted to hurt myself. In the 70's is kind of key, because in that decade and those before cigarettes were glamorized in print and media. In other words, even as a child I knew they were dangerous, without PSA's in every medium.

No one believes in this day and age that cigarettes are anything but deadly.


I find these type of PSA's exploitative.


I quit smoking over a year ago, btw.

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