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I recently picked up a cake for my union meeting,this looked great nicely decorated.Now it fed 41 people,people loved it. I didn't even get a chance to indulge. But the important thing was it was well enjoyed,I will order more from this bakery.:clapping:

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You guys are doing a great job, IMO, posting here and keeping your name on our minds.

You actually gave me an idea. I'd love to call and order something for my Dad who lives in Paulding(I live out of the metro area). He lives alone now and has really been feeling down lately. He needs some cheering up.


Do you do any fruit pies, etc? Cherry is his favorite. Or do you do breads? Thats a fave of his, too. Not a chocolate eater.

He loves to jump in his new little sportcar so I'll have no problem having him come pick it up.;)


I looked on your site but didnt see a menu. If I missed it, please direct me. I'm sure it changes frequently.

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