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re-cycleing at old junkyard?

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WOW-had some scrap metal and decided to go to the local place down on 92 and Ridge Rd. Grandpa waited 45 minutes for the place to open, and when it did some kids breezed right in ahead of him and were being waited on. Of coarse, he wasn't gonna stand there and have that happen. He told the worker he was there 1st-didn't matter to them, they were going to take their friends 1st!!!! He protested and was told to leave (that's a nice version of what happened. WTH

I will never go there again. What's with people? Don't they know anything about customer service? Don't they care?

Personally, I think the young men were disrespectful, ignorant, and bullies. They're luck they didn't try to follow through with their threats-Ed would have showed them that even an old man can step up to the plate!!!!!!

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