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I think there is a tv show called "Whale Wars" or something like that. I saw the footage on that show where the guy was swimming beside the whale. It was amazing! They also said (which I did not know) that it is illegal for people to swim with them within like 15 feet...they consider it harassing the whales. Apparently that specific spot has whales there regularly. It is amazing though to see such a large whale allowing a man to swim so close to it. Very touching.


The Mrs.

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I can't believe that man swam a foot away from the whale and looked in it's eyes.

That whale was so happy when set free . It did a happy dance :)


I didn't see it either, stbarts, but that is hard to believe. How on Earth did a person look at a whale in his eyes from only a distance of one foot. It seems to me that he could only see one of the whales eyes from that distance. :unsure:

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