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What is up with the lights coming off of cross roads onto 278?

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I would like to know what is up with all of the lights at the intersections turning onto 278? Seaboard seems to be the longest light that I have experienced. They say we should not idle our vehicles to long but since the lights are set incorrectly we have no choice. I have also noticed the same thing happening going through downtown. I think maybe who ever is in charge of the timing of the lights should investigate to see what is up with them. Is there no set time? Am I the only one who gets aggrevated with this?

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No, you are by NO means the only one that gets agrivated with this. More than once, I have taken the long way to my daughter's daycare so that I can avoid the lights. I deal with it most frequently at Vernoy Aiken and Old Harris Loop.


I agree, these lights DEFINITELY need to be looked at.

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It isn't just those. All up and down 278 the lights are set for really, really long holds. I absolutely hate the one at 278 and Poplar Springs/Cleburne Parkway. And they are set that way into Cobb County as well. Oglesby and 278 is l-o-n-g for 278 but you best be ready to go when it turns green for Oglesby/Lewis because if you're not ready, you might miss it.


I think it may have something to do with the truck traffic.


Whatever the reason, it needs to be changed.

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