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trout fishing

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DNR website should show when. As I remember, April 1st is the beginning of the season.


We would fish near the headwaters and it was very close to where they released the fish, but it is like a 6-1/2 mile bike ride on the Silver Comet Trail going West from the Rambo Trailhead. You go past where the SCT crosses Raccoon Creek about half a mile, then pull off the trail to the North and follow your way down an old abandoned logging road to the creek.


We would take a collapsible fish basket and hold them in it until packing up to leave. The basket would then collapse into a Target bag, which I would dangle from my handle bars on the way back. We almost ALWAYS caught our limit. We would dump the fish into a cooler of ice in the trunk and cook up 2 or 3 when we got home and freeze the rest.

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