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We really appreciate you stopping by paulding. com & getting the news, gossip, fun, debate, & whatever else you find here.


Now, come on & join as a subscribing member! You get some benefits of extra things you can do on here, but most importantly you're supporting a great site.


Obviously you think the site is worthwhile --- you keep coming back, right? So come on & join us!


Students get a discount & they get to learn things like "satire" & such.


And there is no flood control for subscribing members!


The site is free but it isn't cheap. So if you utilize the site, it is only fair that you help PUbby & his crew keep it going.


Besides, there are some perks of membership that you can't get without subscribing!


I bet Pubby will even take a subscription from folks who live in New Hope! Imagine that.


Click your name and scroll down to 'Purchase Paid Subscription' =IF= you already have a screen name, & follow Pubby's directions from there.

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I hear that some are feeling very frisky :ninja:





you will have to pm the Sheriff


I don't know if its worth it. Besides the mayberry you gave me kinda offsets it. :friends:

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