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Bill to Require Booster Seats For 7-8 Year Old

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:good: My daughter has been the size of some adults since 3th grade. She's been 5'8" since 12. I honestly can't remember the last time she sat in a booster. It should depend on the child and it should be left to the parents discretion.


I wonder if the government is in cahoots with carseat manufacturers? :pardon:


Why not? They are in cahoots with everyone else. We need to change our nickname from the "land of the free" to the "land of those who can't make their own god damned decisions"

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This is a good quick article with statistics, from 2009.




"Here are some sobering statistics for parents: Motor vehicle crashes kill more children ages 14 and under than anything else, claiming nearly 2,400 lives and resulting in approximately 270,000 injuries each year. The vast majority of those crashes occur within 25 miles of home, and most occur on roads with posted speed limits of 40 mph or less."


The article goes on to talk about the LATCH system, improper seat installation and laws regarding restraint systems.

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